321fish.com was started by Dr. Mike Kogan, a 32-year software veteran and founder of Jacksonville Kayak Fishing. At Jacksonville Kayak Fishing and other kayak angling web sites the catch-photo-release fishing tournament format has evolved into a viable conservation-friendly alternative that works well for kayak fishing since there is no livewell to bring live fish to a weigh-in.

After running and participating in numerous online catch-photo-release events that were manually administered through fishing forums and directing the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic since 2005, Kogan saw the need for an automated solution that offered real-time scoring and results for online fishing tournaments. In the summer of 2006 the technology behind 321fish.com debuted at JKFTourney.com and has since been enhanced to enable anglers to keep online fishing logs as well as participating in a wider variety of online fishing tournaments.